Cosmetic Surgery - Benefits And Risks

Published: 31st March 2011
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We live in a world where everyone is aiming to achieve greatness not only in their profession but also in the way they look. Cosmetic surgery and treatments are on the rise as more and more people are striving to get rid of their imperfections and become perfect.

Merits and Demerits

Cosmetic surgery has its highs and lows. Depending on the type of treatment, area of treatment, and extent of treatment, these risks and benefits vary. Cosmetic surgery does not always involve an actual surgical procedure. Some just involve a few injections and other medical procedures.

One of the major advantages of cosmetic surgery is the satisfaction it gives the patient once he comes out of surgery. The person would have that perfect nose or a beautiful chin or bigger breasts and it would be just the way the person had imagined. Another advantage is that plastic surgery is not just done to enhance one's looks. There are many defects and diseases that can be cured with cosmetic surgery. Rhinoplasty, Botox, liposuction, etc. is used to treat many ailments. For example Botox injections are used to treat excessive sweating and migraines. Rhinoplasty is used to treat respiratory impediment and trauma to the nasal cavity. Face lifts, chemical peels, and skin grafts can be used to treat damage caused by burns. When it comes to disadvantages, the first thing that can be mentioned here is the misuse or overuse of cosmetic treatment.

There are also risks like excessive bleeding, scarring, or bruising. Other side effects caused by cosmetic surgery are numbness, pain, swelling, and limited mobility. Another problem that generally exists is the too high expectations from such surgeries. Some patients get disappointed with the way the surgery turns out.

A way to reduce the risk is to ask the right questions and avoid unnecessary surgery. It is better to choose a cosmetic surgeon of reasonable reputation to carry out the surgery. Go to him in advance, give him the details of what the problem is or what is intended, and get his opinion. A good surgeon always gives sound advice about what procedure need to be done. If the problem can be solved without surgery, he will suggest that as well. Good surgeons also look into the psychological outlook of the patients. If the patient is depressed and is planning to get the surgery to get out of depression, it is essential for the surgeon to suggest that they get the depression treated before considering the surgery. Safe cosmetic surgery depends as much on the patient as on the doctor.

One thing is certain: cosmetic surgery has many benefits and they override the drawbacks. The reason why cosmetic surgery is scorned by many is because of its misuse and the false publicity it receives from the press every time an actor or actress gets a nose job or a breast implant. Yes, as the way a person looks is fast gaining precedence over many other things, cosmetic surgery is also gaining ground as a great and highly sought after profession. is the website of a wonderful cosmetic surgery clinic. The surgeons of the cosmetic surgery clinic do exemplary work and are professionals in every respect.

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